Affordable Data Recovery, call (877) 925-5748. Mac, PC Desktop, laptop, Server or exturnal Hard Drives, USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick, SD Card, RAID Disk, and Smart Phone; Photos, Contacts and Text Messages.

Advanced-Data Recovery Services – Same Day Service, In Most Cases. Data Recovery – If We Can’t Recover Your Data… You Don’t Pay.

Our ONE RATE Fee Covers 85% of all Hard Drive Cases. We Never Charge a Diagnostic Fees. No Up-Front Cost. No Risk.

Advanced-Data Recovery Services provides its customers with the fastest, most secure, most confidential, most reliable, and most affordable data recovery services the industry can offer.

We recover lost and/or inaccessible data from all types of media devices, such as internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory sticks, regardless of which operating system, Mac, Windows, or Linux, you use. We also recover lost data from all types of smart phones with the best pricing in the industry, and all backed by our No Data, No Pay. policy.

ONE RATE fees;

Hard Drives – $285 (covers 85% of all hard drive cases)
USB flash Drives – $95 or $200 (based on type of service required)
Memory Sticks – $95 or $200 (based on type of service required)
Smart Phone – $385 (flat-rate)

Advanced-Data Recovery Services has provided data recovery services for thousands of consumers. We take real pride in helping you through this traumatic experience. Our data recovery service technicians will do their best to get your data back. If we can’t get your data we won’t charge you a penny.

In most cases (over 97% of them), using correct procedures, data can be recovered from defective or inaccessible storage device…

Advanced-Data Recovery has over 18 years experience of recovering data from hard drives and other types of media. Advanced-Data Recovery has worked with individuals and businesses alike.

No matter what the cause, if you can’t access your files, Advanced-Data Recovery is here to help with our professional hard disk data recovery or RAID data recovery services.

We specialize in data recovery from a variety of media/devices regardless of the data loss scenario, we recover lost or otherwise corrupted data from all types of physical hard disk malfunction whether it’s clicking, not spinning, dropped, water damage, fire damage, or just doesn’t detect. We also recover missing data from hard drives that have been formatted, deleted, or simply can no longer be accessed, and quickly recover deleted files and data lost due to virus infections and hackers.

Our fast, friendly service, strict confidentiality policies, and expert data recovery service have set industry standards.

17 Reviews for Advanced-Data Recovery

Gregory D.

1 Reviews

I am truly satisfied with finding your service by searching different methods of trying to obtain professional service for data recovery.

5/ 5

I was not totally sure that I would ever get this information back, and that was very difficult to accept. But, after talking to Paul and realizing that there was a slight chance at recovery, I relished the thought. Even at the disappointment at not getting my information, your price was so reasonable that I did not have to think very hard to try and acquire the services. I have just received the recovery hard drive with my data and its all there! I want to thank Advanced-data recovery for your time and highly recommend these guys.

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Jeff C.

1 Reviews

I always like to send recognition when I receive excellent service.

5/ 5

Unfortunately, I don’t write many reviews as service is sub-par these days; however, there was exception when I called Advanced-Data Recovery Services about my water logged laptop. Not only did they give me a firm quote over the phone, they paid for shipping and recovered my files in no time at all. Three days later my recovered data arrived in the mail, of course being “computer challenged” I called Advanced-Data Recovery, they answered right away and spent a considerable amount of time on late Friday night to ensure my new computer had all my recovered files and pictures properly transfer. I’d like to say Paul was professional and pleasant and went above and beyond what I would have expected. And to think, I almost brought my laptop to Best Buy. I really appreciate the excellent service I received and will definitely use Advanced-Data Recovery if I need any recovery needs as well as recommending them to others who are in need of data recovery services.

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Mellena N.

3 Reviews

These guys are the real deal!

5/ 5

I showed up for class and all of a sudden the computer would not recognize that my drive was plugged in. Luckily I had a back up that got me through that class, but I quickly realized I had only backed up about half of three of my courses and none of the fourth. I panicked and began searching for ways to recover my data. I found the Advanced-Data Recovery Services website and put in request for a quote. They called me within minutes to discuss what I needed. They assured me that they could most likely recover the data and the cost would be $385. I sent the drive off and within hours of receiving the notification that it had been delivered I received a phone call to let me know they had already recovered my data and it was immediately made available for me to recover from a cloud service as well as mailing me a hard copy of all of the information. This service is outstanding! I will recommend them to everyone!

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John R.

3 Reviews

Awesome experience!

5/ 5

Paul was very helpful and fast to recover my data. Best pricing around – I highly recommend them!

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Rob H.

3 Reviews

I couldn’t have asked for more.

5/ 5

Straightforward pricing, very fast, very detailed response. Best part? Advanced-Data Recovery Services received my bad disk on Saturday night, began working immediately, replacing read heads in their cleanroom. By Sunday I knew what was recoverable, and worked with them on how to deliver it to me. I got expedited service at no extra charge. Thanks a ton, Paul and crew!

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Tony H.

3 Reviews

This kind of work can be expensive, but after shopping around, they had the best prices.

5/ 5

Walked me through the process and before I knew it, a few days later they had found all my lost data. Quick, easy and professional.

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Dave P.

3 Reviews

I found Advanced-Data Recovery through Yelp and these guys are great.

5/ 5

They were able to recover all the photos and files from my damaged external hard drive. They offer a free diagnostic test and provide you with the a price quote along with likelihood of recovery (e.g. 80-90%). It took about a week for them to complete their work and they sent me a list of recovered files to confirm that I was satisfied with the results. I was very impressed with their customer service and highly recommend them for their data recovery services.

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George C.

3 Reviews

Above and beyond any expectations.

5/ 5

Our NAS drive died with critical data in it. Usually losing 2 drives in a RAID 5 spells doom, but Paul and his team assured me that they will their very best to recover as much data as possible. And they did! We got above 97% of our files back. Thank you guys and while hopefully this doesn’t happen again, if it ever does, Advanced-Data Recovery Services would be my first call!

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Michael C.

2 Reviews

Check around, the prices don’t get any better that these.

5/ 5

I checked with another company they gave me a range of $900-$3600. I ended up paying less than that with Advanced-Data Recovery Services, and I had a very complicated recovery. Paul and his colleagues kept at it until everything was fully recovered, then he apologized for having it take so long! (It was eight days, more than reasonable) I chose them because they were local, but I would hire them regardless of that in the future.

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Sammy P.

3 Reviews

Honest company!

5/ 5

Paul was very helpful and didn’t seem at all to be taking advantage of me, someone who doesn’t know much at all about how all this hard drive stuff works. He gave me discounts when he could and they were able to retrieve my information. The Apple store somehow messed up my glide pad(?) (mouse for a Macbook) so it was very difficult to use and Paul went above and beyond and fixed that for me as well at no cost.

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John Q L.

3 Reviews

My drive suddenly failed on me around dinner time in Friday.

5/ 5

Most other recovery services were closed and I did not know what to do, and I found Advanced-Data Recovery Services does a weekend job as well. I contacted Paul Hersh immediately and he recovered my precious and valuable data within the weekend. They know what they are doing and I am satisfied with the results.

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Jackie M.

3 Reviews

To all at Advanced-Data Recovery Services, thank you so much for all your help with my daughter’s computer.

5/ 5

It definitely was an emergency situation. As soon as I explained the problem, you jumped into action to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The customer service, ease of communication, and the willingness to go out of the way to make the process painless was above and beyond. Everything that was promised to be done was superb!!! In this day and age there are not many companies that even compare to the quality of your service. I can’t say enough about the quality of your company. I highly recommend that anyone with a computer problem, Data recovery need or question to call Advanced-Data Recovery Services! Thank you again.

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Jon L.

3 Reviews

I can’t believe these guys got my data back, everyone else told me it was lost forever.

5/ 5

Totally worth the money. All the other guys I called were almost double what they price even if they didn’t find anything. What I like about Advanced-Data Recovery is they even guaranteed if they couldn’t get any of my data, they wouldn’t charge.

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Kerri B.

3 Reviews

Extremely impressed with the service.

5/ 5

I found Advanced-Data Recovery Services on an Internet search, along with many other companies. I read up on a few companies and Advanced-Data Recovery Services offered the best price, free diagnosis, and a guarantee policy, no data, no pay. We sent our drive off and had a response of a successful data recovery within 48 hours. We had our data back to us within a week. Extremely impressed with the service, very professional and knowledgeable, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Was this review ...?

Iojafae S.

3 Reviews

I’m not one to leave reviews, but the service Advanced-Data Recovery Services provided was unbeatable.

5/ 5

I lost over 7TB of data in RAID5 and they were able to recover all but 3% – which was amazing news. More than anything, though, was how frequently Paul would call me to give an update on how things were going and approximately how much time was left. I’ve had thousand-dollar car repairs done without one call, let alone the 3+ Paul gave me. I admit that I shopped around for quite a few data recovery services, but Advanced-Data Recovery Services gave the best price and even gave me advice on what I could do if I chose not to use a data recovery service. If I ever lose anything again (I really hope not), there’s no doubt that I’ll be going with Advanced-Data Recovery Services again.

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Skyler T.

3 Reviews

Lightning fast service!!!

5/ 5

Came in on Monday morning couldn’t access my server. Friend recommended Advanced-Data Recovery. Sure enough they were able to recover the data in a few days, kept in touch with me during the whole process. Everything recovered, service exceeded my expectations. Would defiantly recommend.

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Linda L.

3 Reviews

I highly recommend Advanced-Data Recovery Services, they are very knowledgeable in their profession, very professional, and most of all, excellent customer service!

5/ 5

I dropped my Mac and destroyed my hard drive, 2 days later I had a new hard drive installed and miraculously they some how salvaged and recovered all my data. All this after Apple told me they couldn’t help me with the data recovery part. Apple was the one to refer me to Advanced-Data Recovery Services, there apart of the Apple Consultants Network.

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Q What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery is a process of recovering the data from hardware or software components after various data disasters. Data access becomes void after some disaster and special data recovery techniques are usually needed to access this lost data again.

Q Why I lost my data?

Data Loss can occur due to many reasons. Various disasters can strike your computing machine or data such as corrupted hardware or software, system errors, virus and Spyware attack and various other natural disasters.

Q How can I prevent Data Loss?

Data Loss can be prevented by creating and managing regular data backups, preferably at remote location. Every computing machine is prone to disasters. Hence, prevention is the best cure of any type of data loss.

Q If my machine or disk gets corrupted, what should I do?

This is a high alert scenario for the safety of you disk and data. Stop using the machine to prevent any further damage or data loss. Write down all the symptoms and the data files and folders that seems to be missing. Do not open format the drive, as it can create permanent bad sectors on the hard disk. Storage device should also be not used, as it can damage the physical drives. Try not to install or uninstall any software or to create any new file on the hard disk.

It’s better to seek advice from a Data Recovery expert. You can call us 24/7 or use our Contact Us form for free evaluation. A support specialist will gather some information from you and let you know the extent of your problem.

Q Is data recovery expensive if we consult professional services?

As Data Recovery is labor extensive job, hence it seems to be extensive. But the data recovery process carried out at home can prove to be damaging. Since, Data Recovery professionals are fully equipped with techniques to recover data and to restore it. Otherwise, your precious data can be lost for ever. Apart from these the time taken to recover the lost data is much less than the time taken to recreate the files.

Q Can all data be retrieved?

Unfortunately, answer to this question is No. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that retrieving each bit and byte of data becomes almost impossible, for example, if a data storage tape gets fire, its impossible to recover data completely. But otherwise for most of the data disasters that happen, data recovery success rate is up to 90%.

Q How long the whole Data Recovery Process takes?

It depends totally on the extent of the damage your machine is suffering from. But normally from 1 to 5 working days are taken to recover and restore your crucial data. This can be better answered once we have more specific details of your specific situation.

Q What are the most common hard drive problems?

Common hard drive problems include User Errors, Software error, Hard drive electronic failures, Hard drive arm failures and Hard drive platter failures.

By mistake I deleted my file, would it be possible to recover it from hard drive?

When a file is deleted, the operating system marks the file name with a character that informs the computer that it has been deleted. The deleted data is actually still on the drive until the file system overwrites it, but the operating system can no longer access it. The process of hard disk drive recovery finds the data that the operating system is unaware of, but still exists in individual clusters on the hard drive and hence, it can be recovered if worked upon quickly to prevent from over-writing.

Q Partition has been deleted from my hard drive, what should I do?

In this case, utility programs usage should be avoided, as they do not always provide satisfactory results. If its “As-Failed” condition, you can usually recover your data with the entire directory structure intact. However, NOT RUNNING UTILITY PROGRAMS IS CRITICAL. Do not install new programs or attempt to save data onto the affected drive; this could make the situation worst.

Q What does Defragmentation mean?

The data that is seen logically as one piece can be divided physically in pieces, saved in different locations on a media. It takes time to load this data back, so after some time it looks like that the computer started to work slower. More time is usually taken to start a program or load some file. Defragmentation can put these pieces, one by one, in the media taking less time to load the data.

Q Is there any role of Fragmentation in Hard Drive Data Recovery Process?

When files become fragmented, they are stored in multiple clusters on the hard drive, which makes the computer take more time to read it. A drive with a lot of fragmentation will be harder to recover in the event of crash. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly defragment your hard drive, as hard drive recovery preparation.

Q If I have hard drive of top manufacturer, how long it can survive without any error?

The hard disk is actually very durable, and good maintenance will ensure long life. If it is not exposed to extreme temperatures, and does not suffer any physical damage, it can easily last for ten years. However, hard disks do have several moving parts, and can become damaged or wear out with time.

Q Can I use hard drive if it is not damaged critically?

You should immediately stop using the damaged drive. It is essential that it is not even turned on. Every moment the drive is powered, it can potentially cause critical damage making the drive unrecoverable.

Q Can disk utilities be used efficiently for lost data?

Not by rule. The fact is that more data loss is reported in America due to disk repair utilities than to some actual or natural disaster. Trying data retrieval using improper procedures or techniques can make a bad situation even worse, resulting in a more labor intensive recovery process, as a result.

Q Is there any kind of symptoms associated before Hard Drive Failure?

There are usually warning signs involved before a Hard Drive Failure occur. Some classic signs may include strange sounds, noise, popping, frequent crashing, virus attacks or similar problems. Most of the time information lost through a temporary crash is salvageable. You must, however, have to hire a data recovery specialist if such a crisis occurs to your computer.

Q What is Hard Drive Evaluation?

Evaluation is an extensive analysis of your media to determine:

Whether the problems are physical (hardware malfunction), or logical (corrupted data or structure), or the both?
Physical readability of the media (we recover your data from the copy, keeping your media untouchable, unless you require to fix your media in-place)
Whether rebuild of the media structure required and possible?
Whether the media data is corrupted, and how much?
Whether recovery is recommended, and an estimate of time, cost and result?

Q How much data can be retrieved from damaged media?

From our experience, about 80-90% of data can be retrieved uncorrupted from damaged media, depending on severity of the problem.

Q How can data loss be prevented?

Backup in one single word is the answer. Backing up the data is the best way to control crashed hard drives data loss. As, they say prevention is the best cure, so preventing data for critical loss is the best way. Crash hard drive might be unable to recover even a single bit of data so don’t put yourself at risk by not properly backing up your data. You can choose backup ways by estimating your budget and value of data. But with backing up the data, test restore performance should also be ensured

Q What is File Recovery?

File recovery refers to the recovery of individual files in cases where there is little doubt that the file system and hardware are operating normally. The individual files may have been corrupted or even deleted, accidentally or intentionally. Examples of events that can corrupt files are software malfunction, power failure, physical shock and viruses.

Q Can I recover my deleted files?

When you delete a file, it is taken off the list of files that the user sees. The file system writes at the beginning of the file that the region where the deleted file is stored could be used for storing other files. In such circumstances, files can be recovered but it requires the services of a professional data recovery company.

Q Under what scenarios can I recover files accidentally deleted?

If new data has not overwritten deleted data, you can recover files in almost all scenarios, including:

Files deleted from the Recycle Bin or a network shared folder.
Files deleted in the DOS command window or from Windows Explorer with the SHIFT key held down.

Q Under what scenarios Can I recover lost Outlook pst files?

A pst file is likely to be recovered in the following cases:

The volume became corrupt or was accidentally deleted.
The file was no more than a few megabytes and was accidentally deleted.
The volume was NTFS-formatted and had been frequently defragmente

Q Can I recover files from reformatted, corrupted or deleted volumes?

Can I recover files from reformatted, corrupted or deleted volumes?

Reformatted volumes can be recovered using the Long Search. NTFS volumes are highly recoverable. On reformatted FAT volumes, only contiguous files can be recovered. Deleted or corrupted volumes can be recovered using the Quick or Long Search and selecting the corresponding disk number. Both NTFS and FAT file systems are highly recoverable.

I have single partitioned hard disk which is not bootable as well, can I recover my files from it?
File recovery becomes instantly more difficult in this case. Most recovery programs will need a place to copy recovered data, and if you are using the same drive which has the lost data on it you have no guarantee that you will not be destroying more data than you save.

It’s a far better idea to either install a new hard drive onto the current system and put a new OS on that, or find another computer to transfer the lost hard drive to. This Scenario can be very difficult to deal. It better to have assistance from Advanced-Data Recovery Services Professionals.

Q How Can I choose myself any tool to recover my files like Ms Word File?

Data recovery tools use different methods to recover data. Some tools are designed for recovering deleted files, others are better at restoring overwritten files, or recovering files from disks that are physically damaged. Some data recovery software products have been developed specifically for recovering photo images, or Microsoft Word or Excel document files. Such products may succeed where others fail because they understand what these files look like, and can recognize their data when other clues to its existence have vanished.

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